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Yin Yang 11:54
There's a spacial alignment in the neighborhood It's a reality check on the consciousness of the past Why Someone once said once that reality was timeless Somebody had preliminary remarks to the contrary Other say its 1,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, but I think it's 437.... 53 is up there... but let's not forget Six hundred and seventy eight 678...687...687....6 We shall cease the exploration if there is not a good time to speak. If there is a consequence for anything you say... State it to the Maximum! State it to the Maximum! There's an assessment, theres a problem, theres a reason theres a memory, theres a thought present theres a change in the environment like a chapter in a book it's important to suggest that every human level of worldview is what it was because of the perception of the environmentally psychic mind Did ya understand that? Did ya...did ya..........did ya Did ja understand that? Its carried to the extreme theres a primary feeling that the darkness within is the darkness without Even if you have a hi high high minded way of approaching yourself you might even find a spherical limit to the all around quoted papers of imaginary elite...reached...through... I'm not here I decided.....I decided I wasn't here today I decided I'd disappear for a day. Fine...fine...fine... I'm mixing a separate technology into a whole system It's backed by a genuine desire to avoid pain. Did you follow that? Did ya..did ya...did ya...did ya? Did...you...follow...that...did you? Did...you...follow...I don't follow...I don't follow...i don't follow.. I've got an average perception, I know that my brain is a wave frequency device I know it's picking up voices I know there's a survival element in the universe that attract the same kind I know that a black hole is only a white hole from the other side I know this ...i know the Yin and the Yang...and god dang, I know what I'm saying I'm suppressed forever. Did you...did you..fa...follow that? Did ya...follow...did ya... Follow that unchanging gratified life you had...a well worn path to a secret space. It's all inside the darkness of your mind , its like a time tortured number space. It's got 3,5,13, 21,34, 55, 144 ways to die but only 5 different ways to feel. Did you follow that? There's only 5 different ways to feel. There's only five different ways to know what is real. There's only 5 different ways to feel. Did you follow that....follow that! Follow that...follow that.....follow that...follow that....follow that... nnng nng nnng nnnng - lyrics by Tom Burnett


On a chilly Saturday morning in January of 2020, Tom Burnett, Elliott Levin, and Thomas Kozumplik emerged onto the sleepy streets of Brooklyn, NY, after a night of musical explorations at Music Starts From Silence Studios. This is the first release of the music created that night. Yin Yang is a visceral combination of Spoken Words, Synths, Piano, Percussion, and Saxophone. An improvisational primal scream into the abyss of an unknown looming lockdown just around the corner and the tip of a sonic iceberg channeled from an ocean of sound. Look for further releases coming from the trio.


released July 31, 2020

Tom Burnett - piano, voice, synth
Elliott Levin - tenor sax
Thomas Kozumplik - percussion

All music composed and performed by Tom Burnett, Elliott Levin, and Thomas Kozumplik. Copyright Music Starts From Silence (ASCAP), Soundcannon (ASCAP).

Recording Copyright: Music Starts From Silence, LLC

Produced by Tom Burnett, Thomas Kozumplik
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Thomas Kozumplik @ MSFS studios, Brooklyn, NY

Music Starts From Silence is a fiscally sponsored project of the Brooklyn Arts Council. Support future projects with a tax-deductible donation at secure.givelively.org/donate/brooklyn-arts-council/loop-2-4-3


all rights reserved



Music Starts From Silence Brooklyn, New York

Music Starts From Silence (MSFS) produces art music via publishing, recordings, and live performances. See www.MusicStartsFromSilence.com for more information, along with vinyl, CD's, downloads, scores, other merchandise.

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